White and red semi-trailer truck on the road

The Importance of Semi-Trailer Alignment

Rough roads do a number on vehicles, increasing the cost of maintaining a commercial truck. Sometimes, the issues caused can be big and obvious, like when a trailer seems to drift back and forth in a lane. Semi-trailer alignment can be thrown off by potholes and result in safety and maintenance concerns. The wider tires used on trailers…

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A commercial truck driving on a road

How to Tarp a Trailer Safely and Other Commercial Tarping Tips

When working on the road, it’s important to get your load where it needs to go safely and securely. The easiest way to protect your cargo is with a tarp. But how do you correctly tarp a trailer? What do you need to know about truck safety to make sure your goods are protected and secure? This guide will…

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commercial truck accident

Semi-Truck Safety: Avoid Incidents on the Road with These Safety Practices

Car accidents claim thousands of lives every year. But, as deadly as these accidents are, semi-truck accidents are usually even more catastrophic. As a professional driver, you must drive more defensively than all the other drivers around you. To help, we’ve put together this heavy truck safety guide. In it, we provide actionable tips you can use to help prevent dangerous incidents…

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truck repair

5 Heavy Truck Maintenance Tips That Will Help Prevent Sudden Breakdown

Most heavy trucks will break down every 10,000 miles. And, while it’s great to have a roadside heavy truck repair team like RJames Management Group Ltd., who’s ready for such situations, you want to get ahead of the problem. You want to regularly perform heavy truck maintenance to avoid breakdowns while your vehicle is on the road. Here are five…

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used semi-trailer

New Truck Driver Guide: Tips on Buying a Used Semi-Trailer in Calgary

Canada is in the middle of a trucking shortage, one that shows no signs of slowing. It is an ideal time to help fill that gap. Whether you are a new truck driver looking to join the industry or simply want to replace an existing semi-trailer, there are many factors to consider. Purchasing a commercial trailer is a significant…

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Detroit Connect

5 Benefits of Using Detroit Connect for Your Commercial Trucks

A semi-truck is on the road an average of 72,000 Kilometers per year. The engine normally lasts for between 1,200,000 to 1,600,000 km. This gives it a life expectancy of 15-16 years. The key to long engine life is proper maintenance. When you purchase a truck with a Detroit™ engine, you have the option of a virtual technician watching over your vehicle….

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