Six of the Best Sleeping Tips for Truckers

Drivers who get six hours of sleep are twice as likely to get into a car accident than people who get eight hours. Sleep is one of the most important things you can do if you are a trucker who spends most of your days on the road.

But as you know, getting a good night’s sleep on the road is easier said than done. Don’t sweat it; we have your back.

Here are six of the best sleeping tips for truckers:

1. Stay Away from Caffeine

The first step to getting a great night’s sleep is to stay away from the caffeine for at least six hours before you plan on hitting the hay. Drinking caffeine too close to going to bed can prevent you from getting a night of restful sleep.

2. Find a Safe Place to Park

Knowing where to sleep on the road is a must-follow tip for any truck driver. Finding a safe place to park in a secure location can also help you sleep better. If you are worried about getting broken into in the middle of the night, you will be sleeping with one eye open.

3. Block Out Any Extra Light

One of the best ways to ensure a good night’s sleep is to ensure you are in a completely darkened room. Put up shades or blackout sheets on any windows to block streetlights and headlights.

4. Silence Any Extra Noise

Another great way to help you sleep well is to make sure you silence any external noise the best you can. However, it can be tough to drown out the highway’s sounds or the buzzing from another truck’s engine. There is a way, though. Cutting the extra noise is generally best done by getting a pair of foam earplugs to wear while you sleep.

5. Make Your Space Relaxing

A great option to consider when getting ready to sleep in a truck cab is to make sure you have the most inviting space possible. This will help you look forward to falling asleep each night. Get comfortable sheets and pillows. You can even try to get a nice, calming scent, like lavender, to help you fall asleep faster.

6. Stick to a Nighttime Routine

Finally, one of the best ways to fall asleep and get comfortable is to have a night time routine that you follow every night. Doing the same activities each night before falling asleep tells your body that it is time for bed and can help you fall asleep faster.

Want to Learn More Sleeping Tips for Truckers?

Getting a good night’s sleep will help you become a safer driver and keep your vehicle in working condition every day. A comfortable sleeper can make a big difference to your sleep quality.

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