Should You Consider Buying a New or a Used Western Star Truck

When your livelihood depends on driving you want the best possible wheels under you. You account for a part of the 140 billion miles driven every year as a trucker. So, it’s a critical choice between a new vs. used truck when it’s time to buy.

If you are thinking about getting a Western Star truck, you will want to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a new one or used one to help make the right choice.

This guide will give you the points you need to consider to make the best decision on your next heavy truck purchase.

Western Star Truck Reputation

The Western Star truck gets high marks in the industry in regards to durability, reliability, and resale value. Much of Western Star truck’s reputation for toughness comes from using the best engine in the business.

Detroit and Cummins have helped make the brand a workhorse in several industries. Combine that with efficiency, durability, and comfort, and you have a quality asset. Many Western Star rigs have gone over a million kilometers.

Used Truck Pros and Cons

Your decision to buy a used truck over a new one may depend on the year it was built. Every year, the brand has made significant safety and dependability improvements.

Western Star prides itself on being one of the most fuel-efficient semis on the road. Even older models get better than 6-7 miles to the gallon.

Of course, before you buy a used truck you need to know its history. If the previous owner has met regular maintenance schedules, you can rely on the track record. Repairs are in the average range among manufacturers. Most of the preowned trucks at RJames Management Ltd. come with factory warranties that can be transferred at no cost. All our vehicles are inspected and repaired in-house by our certified mechanics.

New Truck Pros and Cons

The most exciting element of a new Western Star truck is its advanced features. Of course, the cost of buying new is a consideration. But if you are willing to buy a new truck the Western Star has several options.

Start with newer aerodynamics which gives the Western Star truck industry-leading fuel economy. You can expect to get 7-8 miles per gallon with the right driving conditions.

Comfort is a critical feature for your driving health. First, the steel cab construction provides more cabin space. When you order a new truck you can choose seating and suspension options that suit your driving needs.

The most extensive improvements in the new Western Star are safety advancements. For example, there are system alerts for passenger-side blind spots. Western Star has even made its windscreen 28% larger than the competition. Active brake assist is a valuable ally in various road settings. The company boasts that it has the only dynamic braking system that works as low as eight kilometers per hour.

Choosing a New vs. Used Truck

The ultimate decision on which truck to buy depends on your needs and budget. A new or used Western Star truck will become a valuable asset to any fleet. The brand has a solid reputation, and is recognized as being dependable.

If you plan to buy a new heavy truck or a used semi-truck soon, get in touch with us at RJames Management Ltd any time. We will help you find the right Western Star for your driving needs.

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