How to Become a Commercial Truck Driver in Canada

Are you interested in becoming a commercial truck driver in Canada? Canada is in the midst of a truck driver shortage, so there is a huge demand for commercial truckers across the country. This is an excellent opportunity for you to become a professional truck driver.

Semi truck drivers have the unique opportunity to travel all over Canada. Job options are varied, so career in the trucking industry allows you to serve in unique capacities, such as logging, transport, towing, hydrovac, gravel, plowing and more.

Many companies carry their own fleet, or you may want to invest in a commercial truck, yourself. Keep reading as we tell you everything you need to know to find job opportunities as a commercial truck driver, and how you can become a professional trucker in Canada.

Meet the Necessary Employment Requirements

Before you can become a commercial truck driver, you’ll need to meet a list of employment requirements in Canada. Here are some of the initial key employment requirements in becoming a commercial trucker:

  • Complete secondary school
  • Spend about 3 months finishing an accredited driver training course
  • Receive on-the-job training

You will also need to secure several licenses before working as a commercial truck driver. This will include a Class 3 or D license if you plan to drive straight-body trucks. You will need a Class 1 or A license if you plan to drive long combination trucks.

Additionally, you might need to seek an air brake endorsement (Z) if you drive trucks with air brakes.

Obtain the Proper Professional Certification and Licensing

Depending on which commercial truck driver industry you would like to work in, you will need to seek certifications from a regulatory authority in your province or territory.

If, for example, you want to provide oil and gas transportation services in Alberta, you’ll need to get certified by the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training. If you want to work for the oil and gas industry in British Columbia, you’ll need to get certified by WorkSafe BC.

Other provinces and territories also have their own professional certification and licensing requirements in place.

Searching for Commercial Truck Driver Jobs

As you can see, becoming a commercial truck driver in Canada requires a host of prerequisites you’ll need to meet, and some certifications you may need to obtain.

Once qualified though, you can begin your search for commercial trucking jobs. You may do this by contacting trucking companies directly or searching online job sites for commercial trucking listings.

Become a Commercial Truck Driver in Canada Now

Are you already well on your way to becoming a commercial truck driver in Canada? RJames Management Group Ltd can help you get your hands on the new or used truck you’ll need to finish the process. We can also provide you with heavy truck parts, service, and repairs you’ll need in the coming years. Please drop by our six locations for full-service repairs and parts, and sales

Given the many job opportunities, there’s no better time than now to become a commercial truck driver. This is a rewarding and important career.

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