Heavy Truck Dealers Kamloops

Heavy Truck Dealers Kamloops

Western Star® Trucks: Kamloops Operators’ Choice Truck

Since 1967, Western Star® has been building the best trucks on the road — by hand. When you spend a little time behind the wheel of a Western Star® truck, you’ll understand what we mean when we say these machines are truly works of art — they’re also tough as nails. So, it’s no wonder Western Star® trucks are Kamloops operators’ preferred way to get the job done.

Whether it’s hauling logs from deep in the valleys, or racking up some serious mileage, your Western Star® truck will live up to its reputation. Ever wonder why Western Star® trucks are operators’ preferred semi-truck? It’s time to see for yourself — come visit RJames Western Star Freightliner, heavy truck dealers in Kamloops.

There are many reasons for choosing Western Star® trucks. Kamloops operators know that Western Star’s AirLiner® suspension system means a smoother ride, while also offering superior cargo protection. The cab is spacious, too; Western Star® trucks deliver a first-class riding experience, providing more than enough room to stretch out, store your personal items, and much more. The real reason Western Star® trucks are Kamloops operators’ first choice in a heavy truck is their outstanding quality and durability. Serving the transportation industry for decades, RJames has been a proud dealer of the Western Star® product line since 1986. If you are planning to buy a new truck, count on us. We are your reliable heavy truck dealers in Kamloops.

Each Western Star® truck is hand-built, using the highest quality components — all installed with the utmost care and precision. The cab of Western Star® trucks is constructed with corrosion-resistant steel. The heat-treated steel frame does not have any unnecessary dimensional changes or frame holes that could compromise its integrity.

The attention to detail that goes into their manufacturing also explains why Western Star® trucks are some of the longest-lasting heavy-duty trucks out on the road.

We are also proud to offer new and used Freightliner® trucks and truck parts. For more information check out our inventory.


Buying Freightliner® Trucks: Kamloops Owner-Operator’s Best-Kept Secret

Through fuel efficiency, a superior powertrain, and advanced aerodynamics, heavy-duty trucks from Freightliner® are simply a smart investment.

Celebrating 75 years of innovation and excellence, Freightliner® continues to create some of the best trucks out on the road today. RJames Western Star Freightliner is proud to offer our customers a selection of Freightliner® heavy trucks in Kamloops and the surrounding communities. As vehicles that are built to last for the long haul, buying a Freightliner® is a great way to reduce operating costs and grow your business.

Freightliner® is so certain their trucks are a great investment, they’ve put together a fact sheet detailing the real cost of ownership (RCO) for their trucks. We encourage you to read the Freightliner® white paper that details the company’s fuel efficiency, quality, uptime, and connectivity. And, if you’re looking at Freightliner® trucks in Kamloops, or any of the surrounding areas, we invite you to contact RJames Western Star Freightliner to see how affordable these heavy trucks can be.

To learn more about our selection of new and used Freightliner® trucks for sale, we invite you to visit our inventory page, or visit RJames Western Star Freightliner today!

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