What Makes up RJames’ Great Company Culture?

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Great company culture comes in many forms. Let’s explore what RJames Management Group does to enhance their company culture.

1. Happy Long-Term Employees

When employees are happy, they are eager to make their customers happy too. Employers that recognize this, often seek quality employees that are interested in building a career, instead of a job. They create a team that wants to stay and grow with the company, long term.

How does a company like RJames Management Group encourage its long-term employees? It comes from quality leadership, a sense of company community, and giving employees recognition for their hard work.

2. Giving Back to Your Employees

Every other week, RJames Management Group hosts a company-wide BBQ to encourage its team to enjoy the spoils of their labor. 

As part of a bigger celebration, the company hosts an elaborate Christmas luncheon each year, where long-term employees get special awards, and the company gives thanks and recognition.

These gifts and recognition provide a sense of pride which reinforces the company culture of excellence.

3. Creating a Sense of Community

It isn’t only the festivities where employees are recognized for their contributions. Day to day work ethic and camaraderie builds and creates a sense of community within the company.

RJames welcomes an open and honest relationship between all of its employees. People learn, adapt, and grow under the helpful interworking community of all its team members.

4. Transparent Leadership

Few aspects of a company culture stand out more than quality leadership. Every one of RJames’ managers works to resolve issues efficiently, and brings excellent knowledge and expertise to the forefront. A quality manager is open and honest about what they do.   RJames’ quality assurance and care are out in the open for all to see, at every level.

5. Great Safety and Care

A great company culture includes a safe and caring work environment. Working with heavy machinery and massive engines can bring risks. RJames Management Group makes sure that the utmost care and  safety precautions are implemented.  This boosts the confidence of RJames’ employees and customers alike.

Stability and Enjoyment with the RJames Family

When you work within a great company culture, you can feel it. These examples are positives that impact everyday life and make going to work a pleasure.

RJames Management Group is proud of our team, and the company culture we can all thrive in. Contact us today for more information on our services!

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