What Heavy Truck Dealers Need To Know About the Western Star 49X

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You can bet that Western Star’s new vocational truck Western Star 49X is going to make some waves in the industry. 

After all, Western Star trucks are among the best in their class, and the new Western Star semi-truck is set to be the toughest and most rugged yet. It’s already billed as the “best vocational truck in the industry”—and that was before it was even unveiled. 

For heavy truck dealers in BC and Alberta, this is welcome news. Vocational trucks operate in some of the most challenging road environments in the world; the ability to handle tough conditions, as well as take a licking and keep on ticking, is a must. 

So, do you want to learn more about Western Star’s new masterpiece? Keep reading to find out. 

Rough Handling

The first thing you need to know about the Western Star 49X is that it’s been tortured mercilessly in the engineering labs. Here, shaker tables subject the trucks to violent shaking, simulating roughly 800,000 miles of driving in about two months’ time (which is nothing compared to the mileage some Western Star drivers rack up). 

Engineers conducted further tests to gauge the durability of the chassis, all to ensure the truck’s ability to withstand the worst road conditions. And did we mention the “door slam tests”? Testers slammed the truck’s door 230,000 times—that’s the equivalent of fifteen years of wear and tear!

Slick New Features

So what is the new Western Star truck’s interior like? What kind of safety assists does it have? 

This is where the Western Star 49X really shines. The new vocational model has been completely redesigned with the safety and comfort of the customer in mind. And we have to admit, the 49X has some of the coolest features we’ve ever seen. 

Here’s a look at just a few: 

  • The Western Star 49X has the largest cab in the industry, complete with triple door seals to reduce noise. It has an ergonomic cab that includes a driver command center, featuring an LCD screen that provides important engine info. 
  • The 49X features Detroit Assurance—a suite of advanced safety features including side guard assist, active brake assist, adaptive cruise control, and tailgate warning. 
  • It has a larger, one-piece windshield that’s 28 percent larger than previous models, with an impact-resistant option. 
  • Dual-stage LED headlights with wide illumination and a heat grid to melt ice and condensation. 
  • A sleeper that features appliances, media hookups, and an optional rear window for added natural light.  

Heavy Truck Dealers in BC and Alberta Will Love Western Star’s New Vocational Truck

The Western Star 49X   has been designed with an emphasis on safety, reliability, and toughness. It is by far the most advanced model in the Western Star lineup. 

Heavy truck dealers in Calgary , Red Deer, Kamloops, Kelowna, and Chilliwack can benefit from our expertise and our unflagging commitment to customer service. When the new truck arrives, RJames Management Group will be ready to answer all your questions. 

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