Trailer Accessories for Improving Fuel Economy

Fuel costs are only second to labour costs for any trucking fleet, which means that rising and volatile fuel prices can become a significant cause for concern. One effective way to save on the cost of fuel is by improving the fuel efficiency of trailers. At RJames Management Group Ltd., we carry quality trailers, including logging trailer and lowbed trailers, in Calgary, Red Deer, Kelowna, Chilliwack, and Kamloops. Here are our top suggestions for trailer accessories that can help improve fleet fuel economy.

  • Side skirts

Side skirts are another effective way of reducing the air turbulence and drag experienced by trailers. They hang down on either side of the trailer, covering up the open space between the wheels of the trailer and rear wheels of the tractor, making the whole rig more aerodynamic.

  • Tire pressure gauge

Underinflated trailer tires have a much more significant impact on truck fuel economy than underinflated tractor tires, as the trailer carries the majority of the load. Using a tire pressure gauge to check the psi of each tire before a trip can save a lot of money on fuel very quickly.

  • Automatic tire inflation system

Checking tire pressure manually, however, does take time, especially if it is done before each trip. An automatic tire inflation system not only monitors tire pressure, but it is capable of maintaining tire pressure as well, even while on the move. The fuel savings can cover the cost of a system in roughly two years.

  • Tie down hardware

The profile of the cargo on the trailer is another factor that can contribute to drag and hinder fuel efficiency. Having the right tie down hardware, especially on lowbed trailers, makes it possible to arrange cargo in a way that gives it a low and smooth profile.

  • Truck cab extenders

A key to better trailer fuel economy is better aerodynamics. A cab extender is capable of reducing air turbulence by reducing the space between the trailer and the tractor. Positioning a trailer as close as possible to the rear of the cab can lower fuel costs by as much as 2%.

  • Lightweight components

Finally, reducing the weight of the trailer itself is an effective way to improve fuel economy, and the easiest way to do this is with lighter trailer components. Roof posts, floor joists, upright posts, hubs, and wheels made of aluminum or other lightweight metal alloys can reduce empty trailer weight by hundreds of pounds.

Logging and Lowbed Trailers in British Columbia and Alberta

With the right parts and accessories, the logging trailers and lowbed trailers of your BC or Alberta trucking fleet can play an important role in lowering your overall fuel costs. But don’t forget that it all starts with buying quality, well-built trailers in the first place.

If you’re looking for logging or lowbed trailers in the Calgary, Kamloops, Red Deer, Kelowna, or Chilliwack areas, just check out our online inventory. For any other questions about our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact RJames Management Group Ltd. today.

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