Top 5 Truck Driver Behaviours That Can Help Decrease Crashes

Truck Driver Behaviours

Canada’s road network is filled with over 750,000 trucks of both medium and heavy sizes. Almost 2,000 Canadians are killed every year as a result of accidents involving heavy trucks alone. That number does not include how many are injured or suffer wrecked vehicles as a result.

While you need a license to operate certain heavy trucks in Red Deer, not every truck is used for business purposes. As a result, you’ll often have ordinary drivers navigating these dangerous vehicles down busy roads.

Here are five of the most common behaviours that can reduce truck accidents.

1. Avoid Reckless Driving

One of the most common types of truck accidents is due to reckless driving. Reckless driving is any kind of careless behaviour on the road, such as making a turn through multiple lanes or speeding through yellow lights.

People may perform reckless driving due to things such as exhaustion or mental burnout. This happens when they spend long hours on the road without a break.

2. Do not Ignore Traffic Signs

Another of the many causes of heavy truck accidents is when a driver ignores a traffic sign. These signs aren’t just about telling you when to stop and what direction you can turn. In many cases, they can inform truck drivers whether they can actually fit their vehicle underneath a bridge or overpass.

3. Always Signal

A vehicle’s turn signal is an important factor in safely navigating the road. Without a turn signal, it’s difficult for a driver behind you to know which way you’re turning or when you’re going to change lanes.

This is especially dangerous for truck drivers, as trucks take up more space on the road and can cause much more damage to smaller vehicles.

4. Take a Refresher after an Accident

Someone with a prior history of crashing may be prone to accidents. Unless they were forced to take driving classes after an accident, they are much more likely to have another one in the future.

Legally, all prospective truck drivers in Canada must have at least 103.5 hours of instruction. They must also pass a vision and knowledge test every five years.

5. Avoid Equipment Failure

It’s not uncommon for trucks to develop a defect or two after long hours on the road. Something like defective brakes could easily lead to a major incident.

New semi truck drivers should get to know their trucks and take all the necessary precautions. That includes inspecting the truck on a regular basis and maintaining a safe distance on the road.

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