Tips for Loading and Unloading Commercial Trailers

Heavy trucks and trailers are used in many different industries to haul a variety of items, from produce to vehicles. Loading and unloading a semi-trailer can be a daunting task, but you can maximize efficiency if you know some precautions to take.

What should you do about load handling? What should you know about the loading process? This guide answers those questions and more.

Consider the Weather

Something that you need to consider is the type of weather you will be dealing with. Canada is known for having harsh winters. During the winter, the average temperatures can be well below freezing throughout the country.

You are more likely to deal with snow and run into blizzards during this time of year. Also, you may end up dealing with ice while trying to load and unload your trailer. That not only jeopardizes the equipment but also the people operating it. In this type of environment, it is extra important to ensure that only authorized personnel are present.

Check the weather report before you work with heavy loads. Take the proper precautions to ensure a safe and more efficient outcome.

Check Packaging

You should also make sure there is appropriate packaging, and that your cargo is secure. Check for loose packages or poorly wrapped cargo.

If you fail to check for this, you could risk items getting damaged during the delivery process. Those items could also jeopardize other items in the trailer. Failing to check this during the loading stage, can cause safety risks during the unloading process.

Check Stacking

Along with checking the packaging, you should check how each package was loaded into a trailer. Weight should be distributed evenly in your truck. This is important is because you could have items that are more fragile than others in the same trailer. Proper loading and weight distribution will also make it easier to drive your vehicle. Always make sure items are properly secured and avoid having to much weight in the rear of the trailer when loading.

Safety First

Ensuring you use the right protective equipment, lifting strategies, and seek authorized help when dealing with heavy cargo will go a long way. Equipping your vehicle with load bars, straps, braces, gloves, steel-toed boots, and high visibility clothing is essential.

Injury prevention through proper lifting strategies, and getting help lifting heavy weight items will go a long way in keeping you and your cargo safe.

Semi-Trailers in Calgary

These are some things you should know about the loading and unloading process with semi-trailers in Calgary. Make sure you check that the packaging is secure and that items are correctly stacked before you ship them off. Also, check the weather report to see if you have any potential hazards during this process.

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