The Importance of Log Trailer Visibility


Did you know that the average cost of a heavy truck accident increases with truck size, leading to more expensive accidents? That fact sounds alarming, but it’s important for every truck driver and fleet manager to understand the gravity of their job. With great power comes great responsibility, after all!

If you drive or manage a log trailer, you’re responsible for some of the biggest and heaviest cargo on the road. Log trailers can cause serious damage, even when moving at a slow pace.

That’s why log trailer visibility should be a top concern for anyone who works with them. To learn more about visibility, keep reading below.

Visibility on the Road

Highly visible logging trailers are a great way to keep everyone aware of the size and location of log trailers. Proper lighting is key for visibility. Especially when driving at night, trailer lighting can help other drivers identify the size of the logging trailer.

Reflective material is also helpful for delineating the boundaries of a heavy truck trailer. Reflective tape can be used in lieu of lights when lighting might be too flashy or distracting to other drivers.

Try to use bright paint colours on your trailer. Include vertical components at the back of the trailer but also along the sides. This will keep other drivers from drifting into your lane or driving too close to your cargo.

Visibility in the Yard

Truck speeds are significantly slower in the yard than they are on the highway, but there is much more traffic in a busy yard. Make sure you have adequate lighting and signage for truck drivers to follow.

Also, make sure that the entrance and exit of your yard are clearly marked for passing traffic. Otherwise, they might be caught off guard by exiting trucks and other large vehicles in the area.

Go Big or Go Home

Some visibility features can seem like overkill. But as a general rule of thumb, it’s good to do everything you can to increase visibility. Unless your trailer is a distraction to other drivers on the road, there is no such thing as “too visible.”

In general, it’s important for every truck driver to focus on safety as a major tenant of their job. Remember, every time you go to work; there are many people counting on you to keep them safe and uninjured on the road!

Maintain Log Trailer Visibility

As you can see, log trailer visibility is an important safety consideration for everyone on the road. If you work with logging trailers directly or oversee drivers who do, you should think about the ways in which you are maintaining visibility. Doing so will help everyone around you.

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