Semi-Truck Safety: Avoid Incidents on the Road with These Safety Practices

commercial truck accident

Car accidents claim thousands of lives every year. But, as deadly as these accidents are, semi-truck accidents are usually even more catastrophic. As a professional driver, you must drive more defensively than all the other drivers around you.

To help, we’ve put together this heavy truck safety guide. In it, we provide actionable tips you can use to help prevent dangerous incidents on the road.

1. Be Aware of Reckless Drivers

It’s easy to spot reckless drivers on the road. You will find them going too fast, too slow, following too close, making unsafe lane changes, or swerving to get past other vehicles. Be on the lookout for these aggressive drivers and give them extra space.

2. Obey the Law

Unlike many of the other drivers on the road, your journey is time sensitive. Actively following the speed limit will reduce the chance of injury, fines, and resulting delays.

It is paramount that give yourself enough time to complete the route at a safe speed, factoring in bad weather or other conditions that may impact your speed and ability to reach your destination safely.

3. Plan Your Route

It is a good idea to review your route before you leave. GPS is a great tool but doesn’t always factor in the unique needs of a semi truck. Consider underpass and bridge clearances before you leave, and find alternate routes to will save you time on the road.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Driving long hours and not getting enough sleep in between stops is a recipe for drowsy driving.  Falling asleep while driving accounts for 15% of all heavy truck accidents. Be sure to follow the guidelines for breaks, time spent behind the wheel, and sleep.

You have an important and difficult job to do. Cutting sleep time can have a serious and costly impact on your ability to do your job safely.

5. Keep Your Truck in Good Repair

Tire blowouts, brake failures, and many other problems can be prevented by recognizing the signs and sounds of a maintenance issue. Always keep your truck well-maintained and don’t wait to get any necessary repairs.  Ensuring your cargo is balanced and secure will also limit the impact a road incident has on other drivers. For heavy truck service and parts consider calling RJames Management Group.

Avoid Incidents on the Road Using These Semi Truck Tips

Use these practices to keep yourself and other drivers safe. If you need service or repairs done on your heavy truck fleet in British Colombia or Alberta, RJames Management Group is here for you.

We are a heavy truck dealer and repair shop equipped to service your commercial trucks and trailers. To get the service you need, or for more information, contact us today.

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