Rocket Wash Car Wash


RJames’ Rocket Car Wash is not only the fastest and safest wash choice for your vehicle — it’s also a better choice for the environment. Our fully automated wash process features the most advanced eco-friendly cleaning chemistry in the industry, combined with state-of-the-art computer and electronic sensor technology in order to protect your vehicle throughout the entire wash process. Even better than that, our Rocket Car Wash uses Envirosoft foam from MacNeil Wash Systems; a closed-cell material which maximizes the efficiency of our environmentally-friendly soaps and ensures the safety of your vehicle while it gently polishes away dirt and grime. And if that’s not enough, our Rocket Car Wash saves nearly 100 gallons of fresh water per wash compared to at-home driveway washing. Rocket Wash — a better, safer, and faster car wash to protect your vehicle and the environment. Come clean up your car today!

7:00am to 8:00pm / 7 days a week
(Winter Sun 7 am to 7 pm)