How Heavy Truck Drivers Can Avoid Burnout


It’s frustrating when those tired work week feelings don’t go away. Tiredness slips into exhaustion which can turn into dread and depression. Not only do those feelings make it a lot harder to enjoy your job, but they might put you in danger.

This is especially true for truck drivers whose focus and energy are essential for safety. Truck driver burnout is a common issue, and it’s something that can be addressed.

There are many reasons for burnout to occur, and some of those issues have simple solutions. We’re going to look at some ways of avoiding burnout today, giving you ideas on how to stay focused, energized, and safe at work.

Let’s get started.

Ways to Avoid Truck Driver Burnout

The first thing to note is that the actual job might not be the issue at hand. We spend so much time at work that it’s easy to attribute our stress to the jobs we do, but it’s important to look at other aspects of life first.

Chronic pain, mental health issues, family troubles, and financial challenges can all contribute to burnout. Those problems feed into our workweek and throw a wrench in how we feel throughout the day.

So, if you’re experiencing burnout for the first time, ask yourself if anything in your personal life has changed.

Tighten Your Sleep Schedule

While issues in life feed into work, there’s no denying that truck drivers have a demanding position. Sleep is an important area of life that gets challenged by truck driving.

If you’re on an inconsistent sleep schedule, you’re at high risk for mental and emotional challenges at work. Do your best to sleep and wake at roughly the same time each night (or day, depending on your shift).

Small Breaks and Vacations

Another massive contributor to burnout is excessive work. That goes for the big picture as well as the day-to-day. Make sure that you’re taking small breaks throughout the day.

It feels good to get ahead of schedule, but at what cost? A ten-minute break to stretch and relax here and there goes a long way. Pull off, do some stretching, get a coffee, clear your head, and get back to it.

The same is true for vacations. Vacations are very important for a person’s mental health and general wellbeing. Some employers require their employees to take a certain number of vacation days per year because there are overwhelming benefits.

Diet and Exercise

Another thing to keep in mind is that sitting all day isn’t the best thing for your body. Add gas station food and soda to the equation, and you’ve got near-certain burnout.

Do your best to get healthy meals throughout the day and avoid processed sugary foods. Further, try to go on short walks, do yoga, or work out when you can throughout the week.

Need More Tips for Semi-Truck Drivers?

Driving trucks comes with a lot of adjustments and challenges. Truck driver burnout is just one aspect of the job that many of us need to contend with. We’re here to help with more information.

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