Big Trucks, Big Impact: 5 Facts About Heavy Trucks in Canada

Heavy trucks in British Columbia

Truck drivers play a huge role in the economy. They are responsible for covering great distances and transporting a large amount of industrial and consumer goods. Whether you are in the industry or know someone who is, it is no question that the long hours truck drivers spend behind the wheel of a heavy truck are difficult but important. Ever wonder how those trucks run? Read below and contact the team at RJames Management Group Ltd. We specialize in sales and service of heavy trucks in Chilliwack, Kamloops, and Kelowna.

Get the Facts: Trucking in Canada

Wonder how much of an impact the industry has in Canada each year or when those big wheelers began to take the roads? Read the 5 interesting facts below and contact our team to create or prepare your fleet of trucks for another year on the road.

  1. Road Warriors: “Truck driver” was said to be the nation’s most often cited occupation by Statistics Canada. With over 270,000 Canadians already handling 18-wheelers for work, the industry is still expected to grow further in coming years.
  2. Many Semis: 700,000 trucks currently take to the roads across the country. Of those trucks, the majority are used to transport freight commercially. That is around 420,000 commercial freight loads being transported annually.
  3. Engine Power: Driving beside a semi-truck can make other drivers feel small – for good reason. Semi-trucks take up a lot of space and pack a lot of power under the hood. Semi engines can be up to 6 times larger than car engines. The average 1-2 thousand ft. lb. of torque in a semi engine also dwarfs the average 100 – 200 ft. lb. of torque that the average vehicle on the road carries. Durability is on the side of the semi engine as well, as most are built to last 5 times longer than the average consumer vehicle.
  4. Efficiency: All that power comes with a cost. Semi-trucks are not the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road by a longshot. Road conditions and incline or decline have a big impact on the fuel economy and mileage of these heavy lifting rides, but technology is being developed in the interest of more environmentally friendly driving. Current areas of improvement and design interest include improving the aerodynamics of the trailer, trailer doors, and reducing tire rolling resistance.
  5. Origins: The semi-truck got its name from the trailers that require the ‘tractor’ part of the truck in order to be functional and useful. If unattached, brakes on the trailer make it immobile. Once attached to a truck, the brakes are released by the engine-powered air pump and the wheels are free to roll. The partial “semi” trailer was named accordingly and, soon enough, the entire truck got its name.

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