Do You Need a Diesel Engine Repair for your Heavy Truck? 5 Warning Signs to Watch for

diesel engine repair

Did you know that roadside truck breakdowns occur every 10,000 kilometers?

Diesel engine repair is an important component in keeping your truck up and running so that you can get to where you need to be. How do you know when you require diesel engine repair for your heavy truck?

There are some telltale signs that something is up with your engine and noticing these signs can ensure that you don’t end up needing a diesel engine overhaul.

Keep reading to learn five warning signs that your diesel engine needs service or repairs.

What Is a Diesel Engine Overhaul?

A diesel engine overhaul sounds intimidating but can be necessary for proper engine repair. An overhaul requires looking at the parts of the engine to see which parts need to be replaced for full functionality.

Most of the time, an engine overhaul consists of taking the engine apart and giving each part a deep cleaning before reassembling it. Any components that look like they need to be replaced are swapped out for new parts.

Signs Your Heavy Truck Needs Diesel Engine Repair

Regular maintenance is vital to keeping an engine running at full strength, and diesel trucks are no different. Keeping an eye out for these five signs will let you know if you need heavy truck repair in Calgary, and other areas of Alberta and BC.

1. Oil Sludge

Oil sludge is wasted oil and grime that gets mixed with your diesel engine’s oil supply and impacts its thickness. Discovering oil sludge is a sign that there parts of your engine that need to be lubricated properly. You should have your engine serviced at the next convenient opportunity.

2. Increased Oil Consumption

As with any engine, excess oil consumption is not a good sign. If you notice your diesel engine is consuming more oil than normal, you should investigate it.

Worn-out piston rings are a common cause of excess oil consumption. When piston rings get worn out, they allow oil to leak into the engine’s crankcase, which causes significant damage to the engine because it doesn’t have enough lubricant.

3. Increase in Exhaust Smoke

Diesel heavy trucks tend to produce a lot of exhaust smoke compared to other engines, making it hard to notice an increase in smoke. If you see an increase in exhaust smoke, it is a sign that your engine needs service.

If the smoke is blue, it means that your engine is burning oil. If your exhaust smoke is white, it is a sign that your engine is burning coolant along with fuel. Ignoring these signs can lead to a high diesel engine overhaul cost.

4. Knocking Sounds

Knocking noises coming from your engine is never a good sign. For diesel engines, it is usually a sign of compression issues. It can also mean that your engine has faulty fuel injectors, or the bearings have gone bad or that the wrist pin has failed. Waiting to have this investigated can cause unnecessary damage and additional time off the road.

5. Loss of Compression

If you notice that your diesel truck’s engine isn’t performing to the same level as it did in the past, it may be a sign of compression loss. This means that your engine’s cylinders are leaking.

This has a drastic impact on the power that your engine produces. The best way to get your engine back to 100% after a loss of compression is to get a complete diesel engine overhaul.

In Need of Heavy Truck Diesel Engine Repair?

Keeping your truck’s diesel engine up and running is vital, especially when hauling cargo across the country. If something goes wrong, it is important to know the signs to schedule diesel engine repair.

Loss of power or compression and blue or white exhaust smoke are clear signs that your engine requires care.

If you need diesel engine repair near Calgary, or other communities throughout Alberta and BC, be sure to reach out to the folks at RJames Management Group Ltd. for your diesel engine repair needs. Schedule your heavy truck’s repair today.

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