5 Heavy Truck Maintenance Tips That Will Help Prevent Sudden Breakdown

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Most heavy trucks will break down every 10,000 miles. And, while it’s great to have a roadside heavy truck repair team like RJames Management Group Ltd., who’s ready for such situations, you want to get ahead of the problem.

You want to regularly perform heavy truck maintenance to avoid breakdowns while your vehicle is on the road. Here are five quick tips to help you as you create your repair regimen.

1. Check the Fluids

Before a heavy truck hits the road, it’s a good idea to check its fluid levels. Ensuring you have enough coolant, engine oil, brake and power steering fluid, is a quick way to save yourself from having to search for ‘heavy truck repair near me’.

You should also change your fluids regularly, as suggested by the manufacturer of your truck. This is a quick task that can save you a massive headache—and repair fee—in the future.

2. Inspect the Tires

Deflated or worn tires can be a huge liability to your heavy truck, too. So, before you send a vehicle out onto the road, check the tire pressure. Properly pumped tires will get better fuel economy, have better traction, and last longer than under-inflated ones.

Regularly inspect tires for wear. If you notice that they’re showing uneven wear, there may be a problem with your truck’s tire alignment or suspension. Pinpointing these issues early on can make a big difference.

3. Test the Battery

Once a year, you should test your heavy truck’s battery to make sure it has enough juice to power up the vehicle. Long-haul drives—and the many stops you make along the way—can put a strain on the battery, as well as the alternator and electrical system. So, be sure to inspect all three annually to ensure they’re powerful enough to keep the truck in service.

4. Examine the Clutch and Gearbox

Your heavy truck clutch and gearbox work hard and should be regularly inspected to ensure they’re maintaining their power. Check to make sure the clutch doesn’t slip, as this can decrease fuel economy and your truck’s overall reliability. Any other signs of wear and tear should be inspected by a professional repair service to avoid a significant repair on the road.

5. Keep Up With Preventative Maintenance

The above-mentioned tips, as well as any other maintenance that your heavy truck might need shouldn’t fall by the wayside. Preventative maintenance services will keep your vehicle in its best condition and operating at peak performance.

RJames Western Star is Elite Support Certified, which means you can expect unmatched customer service and efficiency every time a truck comes in for maintenance or repair.

Perform Heavy Truck Maintenance to Prevent a Breakdown

All of these heavy truck maintenance tips will help you with your ultimate goal: avoiding a breakdown on the road. If you notice a problem—or need an emergency repair—in Calgary, Red Deer, Kelowna, Kamloops, or Cranbrook, call RJames Western Star today. We can help you keep your heavy truck running as well as the first day you sat behind the wheel.

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