5 Benefits of Using Detroit Connect for Your Commercial Trucks

Detroit Connect

A semi-truck is on the road an average of 72,000 Kilometers per year. The engine normally lasts for between 1,200,000 to 1,600,000 km. This gives it a life expectancy of 15-16 years. The key to long engine life is proper maintenance.

When you purchase a truck with a Detroit™ engine, you have the option of a virtual technician watching over your vehicle. Detroit Connect® helps keep your truck in top condition and on the road. Read on to learn more about this great feature.

What is Detroit Connect

The Detroit Connect Virtual Technician® is a remote diagnostics service that provides you with the necessary information to make service decisions, and gain insight into potential engine issues.

How Detroit Connect Works:
When Detroit Connect® detects a fault with your vehicle, the process of keeping your truck on the road begins:

  • Within minutes the fault information is sent to you by email or notice through the Detroit Connect® portal
  • The information provided includes the severity of the fault, suggested resolution, and if the fault requires immediate service.
  • If it is a critical problem, the engine data is sent to the Detroit Customer Support Center (CSC) for analysis. They will use engine data from 60 seconds prior to the fault code event and 15 seconds after, to help determine the issue.
  • The Detroit Customer Support Center sends a follow-up alert, detailing the reason for the fault event, a recommendation on the parts necessary for the repair, as well as the closest service centers with parts in stock
  • The selected service center  will receive a copy of the follow-up notification so they have all information necessary to fix the problem quickly.

Manage Your Entire Fleet

The Detroit Connect® portal provides you with information on the performance of your entire fleet. It can also provide information on specific trucks and problem areas. The information you receive allows you to follow problem trends with a particular truck so you can resolve problems early to prevent downtime.

The Detroit Connect® remote diagnostic service is available for Freightliner and Western Star trucks that have a Detroit™ engine. Access is available through the Detroit Connect® Portal and mobile app.

Approximately 20% of fault events found by the Virtual Technician have an easy resolution that can be performed by the driver. The Virtual Technician sends instructions for your driver to use fixing the problem.

Detroit Connect Benefits

The benefits of using Detroit Connect put you in control of your fleet, keeping those wheels rolling down the road:

  • Discover problems with engines before they cause downtime
  • Customer Support Center experts provide a detailed analysis of the problem
  • Notification of nearby service centers with parts available
  • Servicing vehicles only when necessary saves you money
  • Proper servicing reduces ownership costs

The real-time notifications allow you to make a quick decision on whether the truck may safely continue its route or if it needs to make an immediate service stop.

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