4 Tips to Reduce Semi-Truck Driver Stress

Red Western Star Truck driving on a farm field road

Working as a semi-truck driver has many perks. You get the advantages of a well-paying salary, paid sick days, travelling around the country, and guaranteed job security.

The demand for truck driving is growing, and studies show that by 2026, there will be more than 200,000 positions available.

While this job comes with many benefits, it does have stressful moments – like all jobs. If you’re a semi-truck driver, reducing and managing your stress can make your job more enjoyable.

Keep reading to learn four tips to reduce stress while you’re on the road.

1. Get a Good Night’s Rest

One of the best ways to start your shift off right and avoid stress on the road is by getting the right amount of sleep.

If you’re getting behind the wheel without a sufficient amount of rest, your drive can feel more stressful. Lack of sleep affects your thinking, delays your reaction time, and shortens your attention space. This can make you prone to stress during your shift.

Getting the right amount of sleep is key in reducing stress when you’re driving a semi-truck in BC or anywhere else. Have a bedtime routine and try to stick to it at nighttime. Read your favourite book and try to avoid electronics before bed.

2. Listen to Inspiring Podcasts or Audiobooks

This is a great way not only to make the most of your time driving, but it’s also an effective way to reduce stress. When it comes to podcasts, there are so many interesting and relatable topics to choose from.

Have a list of podcasts that relate to your interests to keep you engaged. Likewise, you can have audiobooks handy to keep your mind off stressors. This can also be effective on and off the road.

3. Make Time for Movement

If you’re experiencing stress from driving, take the time to get out of the truck, stretch, and get some movement in.

Pull up to a truck stop, rest area, or gas station and take some time to stretch and move your body. Sitting for long hours can create muscle tension that can cause you to feel uncomfortable. Stopping to stretch will also help you for the rest of the drive.

4. Listen to Music

A great tip for lowering stress while driving a semi-truck is listening to music. If you’re in traffic or experiencing difficult driving conditions, listening to music can help.

Have a playlist prepared of your favourite song selection to get you energized and happy. If you’re feeling tense, have a calming playlist ready to reduce stress.

Reducing Your Stress as a Semi-Truck Driver

Driving a semi-truck is a great paying job that comes with a lot of advantages. While there are stressful moments, there are helpful ways that you can manage stress and enjoy a smooth ride.

Remember to get the right amount of rest, listen to a compelling podcast, make time to move, and listen to music. These are great ways to reduce your stress and make your job more enjoyable.

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